Report of table joins

can you help me create the report using joins in accu360 because i not understand which column we join in order to get report

Can please write it properly what you want to do ? I mean what report you need

i want to create query report by using joins

i want to create query report by using joins but i don’t know which column between two table make association for example table of sales order and sales invoice if want to join what column will be used.

Hi Isaya. If you want to join Sales Order and Sales Invoice You can use the name which will be the same for both the tables and also check for the reference in the respective doc of Sales Invoice You will find it easily there. Try it

okey thank you now i understand mr madhu

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and what can be the reference doctype of this report

Every Sales Invoice Created by Sales Order so you reference for Sales Invoice will be Sales Order You can find it by it name

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now i already create the the report thanks mr madhu

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Great that’s working. Feel free to ask anything.